Prof. Alireza Ghadrdan Mashhadi is Vice-Chancellor for Students Affairs at SCU.

The Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, which has been conducting its tasks as an independent office since 2010, is considered as one of the key offices in this university, and it manages students' nutrition, health, counseling, accommodation, and welfare services. At the moment, through establishing its five-year roadmap and endeavoring in its correct fulfillment, the department will cause the provision and development of the required foundations, and the refining of dormitories, welfare facilities, eating, health and counseling facilities, and it will elevate the position of the university at national and international level.

Some of the most important activities of this office are as follows:

- Supervising the provision of welfare services, such as student loans, accommodation, tuition, housing deposit loans, and so forth.

- Supervising students' accommodation and the provision of services relating to students' residency in dormitories.

- Supervising the provision of services relating to the purchase, preparation, cooking, and distribution of nutritional products, and the serving of professors' and staff members' food and also students' food at the cafeterias, and dormitories.

- Laying the foundation for students' participation in various affairs.

- Providing the requirements for holding various conferences at the university level.

- Supervising, organizing, and providing sporting and physical education services to students and staff members.

- Planning and providing a foundation for causing motivation, encouragement, and persuasion among students, professors, and staff members toward athleticism.

- Proving counseling and support for students and preventing the manifestation of behavioral deficiency and physiological disorders in students through the provision of necessary educational and supportive programs.

- Planning for providing the proper requirements for the development and flourishing of students' talents.

- Providing the necessary funds for improving and equipping dormitories, cafeterias, sporting facilities, and counseling services.