Dr. Abdolrahim Hooshmand is Vice-Chancellor for Socio-Cultural Affairs at SCU.

Established in 2008,The office of vice chancellor for socio-cultural affairs of Shahid Chamran University,intends to promote cultural and social affairs among academia. Precisely, this office aimsat designing, implementing and supporting cultural, artistic, social and religious programs to provoke students' exhilaration, growth and vitality, as well as, attempting to foster the cultural and social activities among employees, professors and students.This office is directed by two managers, one is in charge of social affairs and the other is responsible for cultural affairs of the university.

Cultural management:

This management undertakes many cultural programs throughout the university. In this regard, four centers are actively working namely cultural and artistic centers, scientific students' associations, cultural affairs of dorms, the office of Quranic activities and publications. These centers are constantly engaging students in many cultural activities. Below, a brief introduction of each center is presented:

- As cultural and artistic activities play pivotal role in fostering students' achievements, the cultural and artisticcenters provide a perfect ground for students to flourish their artistic talents and give them opportunities to participate in many cultural events. Apart from these centers, religious centers try to satisfy the moral and religious needs of students.

- Since scientific students' associations cultivate the spirit of science among students, activities in these associations are a valuable opportunity for students to set a purposeful future while practicing teamwork, sharing successful experiences, and communicating with academic centers. Currently, the office of vice chancellor for socio-cultural affairs of Shahid Chamran University of Ahwaz has 57 scientific students' associations which includes student members from different majors in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

- Cultural affairs of dorms are centers with the goal of optimally usage of students' leisure time in dormitory. This unit runs a variety of cultural and artistic activities in partnership with students in dormitories for both girls and boys.

- The office of Quranic activities has two main purposes: holding the festival of Qur'an and Etrat for students and professors, and registering academies for Hajj Umrah and Atabat Alliat.

Social Management

An independent section, social management, attempts to create events for students to interact and socialize with their peers which is considered as a perfect practice to make them ready for their future social life. Here, two subsets are working under the supervision of social management which are briefly mentioned below:

Islamic Association of Academics: Undoubtedly, the existence of well-established organizations can provide students good opportunities to grow and flourish. Consequently, this has been one of the reasons for the sustainability and effectivity of students' movements. This association follow these missions: holding different sociopolitical and cultural events, running free debate sessions and cultural tours, publishing magazines, taking political stance in opposition to statements. The organizations in the university along with the organizations outside the university form a union which enables them to spread their activities beyond the borders of university that enables them to involve in socio-political affairs of the country. To name such unions: Islamic association of students across the country (Office for Strengthening Unity), Islamic society of students across the country, independent union of Islamic association of students across the country. Moreover, another active organization in the university is student's Basij.

Social Centers' Activities: With the sense of necessity and the need to expand students' social activities, these centers have been operating independently since September 2014. There are nine centers, as follows, working under the supervision of social centers:

- Iranian Studies and Tourism

- Social Pathology

- Red Crescent

- Environment

- "Step" Charity

- Women Studies

- Discourse

- Creativity and Entertainment

- Health and Wellness Partners