Prof. Ali Haghighi is Vice-Chancellor for Research Affairs at SCU.

The Vice-Chancellor for Research Affairs of the University will be the managerial hand behind establishing research policies in the university, and it endeavors on the path of the fulfillment of theoretical and applied research inside and also, research projects outside the university.


This office plans on creating the appropriate conditions for commercializing scientific products and enabling the market application, the execution of research megaprojects, and a consistent relationship with the industry and the labor market, causing an improvement and expansion in the collaborations with institutions, scientific-economic and industrial centers at a national and international level in a manner that Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, in a 5-year prospect, will join the top-ten universities in terms of research.


The responsibilities of the Vice-Chancellor for Research Affairs include securing funds for research and technological projects, commercializing research and technological achievements, improving information technology, balanced and consistent improvement in scientific research resources, upgrading and further expanding laboratory and workshop instruments and equipment, strengthening and expanding the university's international relations, further expanding the scientific and research collaborations with national and regional centers, responding to research requests, increasing the university's contribution to scientific innovation at a national and regional level through the coordination of stem research projects, book compilation and translation, essay authorship and participating in national and international scientific conferences, facilitating the enrolment process and the attendance of faculty members in conferences, associations, assemblies, and national and international scientific symposia, providing academic opportunities for faculty members, managing and publishing scientific content, improving the scientific and counseling centers in faculties, enhancing collaborations with organizations and executive agencies, and offering scientific and counseling facilities to society.

The seven research and technology missions of Chamran University of Ahvaz

- Managing and preventing dust storms and protecting the environment

- Expanding and general macro-managing water and energy resources

- Consistent improvement in oil, gas, and petrochemical industries

- Teaching and guiding, higher education and physical, psychological, and social well-being of people in Khuzestan Province

- Improving the appropriate technologies, entrepreneurship, and science-based economy

- Fulfilling the "health livestock, healthy food, and healthy humanity" slogan

- Creating opportunities in language and culture through the context of the present ethnic diversity of Khuzestan Province