Prof. Aminreza Noghrehabadi is Vice-Chancellor for Administratiive & Financial Affairs at SCU.

As one of the six Vice-Chancellor of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, this office includes sub-groups such as financial management, legal affairs and contracts, management of administrative affairs, and management of public affairs. The Vice-Chancellor for Finance & Administrative Affairs is concerned mainly in areas such as finance, administration, management of human resources, legal affairs, welfare affairs of faculty members and staff, service, support, maintenance, and the preservation and protection of university properties. The most important duties of this office are as follows:

- Managing and supervising the implementation of all administrative and financial affairs of the university in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations

- Addressing the goals of the university and directing and monitoring the workflows and working methods adopted in different units in order to create coordination in the activities of different units in pursuit of the goals of the university

- Monitoring the allocation of credits to different units based on the budget allocated by the Board of Trustees and other financial laws and regulations of the university and submitting reports to the Board of Trustees

- Determining the status of an institution by identifying the strengths, bottlenecks, challenges, and the threats posed to determine the proposed strategies to improve the situation

- Providing justification reports to the head of the institute regarding the duties of the supervised units

- Creating a committee to develop executive procedures to optimize the system of administrative interaction between subordinate units in cooperation with other departments of the institute

- Establishing a revenue recognition process and appropriate control over the financial cycle to prepare financial management reports for establishing financial discipline in different parts of the institution.

Strategic Plan of the Vice-Chancellor for Finance & Administrative Affairs


 1. Identifying and attracting sufficient and reliable financial resources for the university's financial independence

2. Designing and deploying a system of recruitment, employment, and development of human resources (education, performance appraisal, appointment, promotion and succession, talent management), and motivation and maintenance of the staff of the university

3. Forming the staffing level of the university (faculty and staff)

4. Designing the Knowledge Management System at the university

5. Improving the quality and quantity of welfare services to all human resources employed at the university

Macro strategies and human resources

- Increasing university productivity by 10% during the program

- Mechanizing 80% of the administrative, educational, research and student activities of the university

- Documenting the experiences of retiring forces as one of the pre-retirement administrative requirements

- Anticipating the provision of appropriate financial incentives for staff, directors and faculty members in different departments of administration, finance, education, research and student-cultural affairs to document their occupational experiences

- Analyzing needs, designing and implementing in-service training programs for retraining, and updating the knowledge and professional skills of employees with the aim of increasing their job productivity and improving their organizational engagement

- Organizing and optimizing the utilization of existing opportunities at the community level, such as donation, university benefactors, and other individuals and institutions (both local and international) wishing to invest in higher education

- Exploiting the legal opportunities projected in the current laws of the country in order to receive the legal share of income from companies and industries

- Developing, equipping and modernizing the service and support systems of faculties

- Improving the quantity and quality of student transportation services through outsourcing and using the opportunities available in public transportation organizations

- Developing the scientific and practical optimization of irrigation systems and green space maintenance

- Providing more facilities and privileges for faculty members, by improving the conditions of their institutional residential complex, and expanding its physical space through material and spiritual participation

- Development, completion and updating of the comprehensive educational complex of the university from the viewpoint of physical and educational equipment and laboratories to provide quality and advanced educational services to the respectable families of faculty members and university staff.