Prof. Alireza Jalilifar is Vice-Chancellor for Educational Affairs at SCU.

One of the main duties of universities and higher education institutions is to carry out scientific activities and provide educational services to students of different fields of science and technology, and the importance and priority of this mission is obvious and out of question. The outlook of SCU's Vice-Chancellor for Educational Affairs is improvement of the university's position among the top universities of the country and achievement of the qualifications which place it among the top five universities in terms of educational activities. The most important steps in pursuit of a five-year perspective are to improve the quality and quantity of training expert human resources required for local and national demands, provide scientific and educational assistance in implementing local and national development programs, raise awareness and interest of stakeholders in related areas, produce and disseminate science and knowledge, provide scientific consultations and services, and be involved in the cooperation and exchange of information with all academic and research centers outside the university, both at national and international levels.

The Vice-Chancellor for Educational Affairs has the following organizational and subsidiary units:

- Management of Educational Services

- Post-Graduate Management

- Management of Planning and Evaluation

- Exceptional Talents Management

- Free Training Management

- Self-governing Campus

Free Training Management

This office is designed to conduct all national and international tests, and to provide educational and training assistance to other administrative agencies and institutions. Another goal of this management is offering and holding e-learning courses, which is of great importance in the development of higher education and postgraduate education in the country.

Post-graduate Management

This office has been aimed at better implementation of educational regulations and enhancement of educational quality of the university. The major activities of this office include preparing executive education manuals for postgraduate courses, supervising proper implementation of the regulations and the relevant executive manuals, and responding to the education and research questions of graduate and postgraduate students of the university.

Management of Educational Planning and Evaluation

The office aims to identify the current status of the university through continuous observation of educational indicators, identifying strengths and weaknesses to help future university management decision-makers and promote the quantity and quality of educational efficiency of the university.

Exceptional Talents Management

The main goals of this office is to identify the students with first, second and third ranking in their program and to prepare them to participate in scientific Olympiads of the country. It provides students ranking first in their master's program with the opportunity to be admitted in a PhD program without any examination. Finally, this office identifies students' needs and helps them in elimination of any existing problems in their education.

Management of Educational Services

All students' educational affairs including enrollment, course selection, exam administration and issuance of leave permits and academic confirmation lie within the responsibilities of this office. It also provides material and spiritual support for servers and educational systems, examines graduation certificates and their approval in accordance with the educational regulations approved by the High Council for Planning (Including a set of rules and regulations governing higher education in associate degrees, and continuous and non-continuous bachelor's programs as well as veterinary doctorate).

The Self-governing Campus

A fully-university-dependent entity, this campus is governed by all regulations approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Board of Trustees in terms of employment, financial, trading, educational, research, and executive regulations. The main aim of the campus is to train the required specialist forces in the country and the province of Khuzestan in accordance with international standards, to expand higher education in Khuzestan province, and to set the stage for introducing the university and furthering its influence on the country's science and technology and promoting scientific indicators of SCU.