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Top Research Projects:


Project title: "Design and construction of optimal solar cells using amorphous silicon technology"

Description: For the first time in Iran, this project will help researchers at the university find the technology for making amorphous silicon solar cells. Obviously, given that the project calls for establishing a comprehensive laboratory for the construction and testing of solar cells, the achievement of all similar processes based on the amorphous silicon substance will be much easier than ever before.


Project title: "Design and construction of a complete hydroelectric power plant complex"

Description: The special achievement of this industrial project involves the acquisition of technical know-how for the design and construction of turbines and generators to be used in a small hydroelectric plant used in irrigation canals. This technical knowledge includes the design of the Savonius turbine with a semi-circular blade profile, a bearing system, and a power transmission system from the turbine to the generator.


Project title: "Development of a Software Program for the Simulation of the Cathodic Protection System (GNCath), Gas Transmission and Distribution Networks

Phase II: Development of complementary modules"

Description: In this software program, thanks to numerical methods developed by the executing team, the user can easily simulate the network under cathodic protection and observe the distribution of various parameters such as clear potential, off-peak potential, current density on the whole network in a graphical user interface using color graphics.


Project Title: "Development of a Software Program for Gas Loss from Gas Network (GNPurge)"

Description: In this project, using numerical, analytical, and experimental methods, models have been developed to estimate the amount of waste gas in different conditions. It is offered as a computer program to the relevant engineers of the National Iranian Gas Company.


Project title: "FARS-II The First Fully Iranian Reservoir Simulator"

Description: The FARS simulator is capable of simulating normal and split tanks on an industrial scale. This software also contains some unique features related to theoretical principles of fluid motion in porous media.


Project title: "Design and construction of direct-coupling wind turbine generator"

Description: This project is concerned with the design and construction of a permanent magnet synchronous generator with axial flux and without an iron core for direct coupling with a wind turbine to increase energy efficiency by about 94%.


Project title: "Design and construction of two prototype permanent magnet synchronous 200 kw motors with low rpm"

Description: This project is aimed at the production of the first permanent magnet synchronous 200 kw motors with low rpm in the country, with a high efficiency of 94% and a water cooling system on the body.


Project title: "Development of new exploratory geochemical technologies with an emphasis on surface and subsurface geochemistry in Abadan Plain"

Description: The purpose of this project is identifying and introducing new geochemical techniques for surface and subsurface explorations.


Project title: "Quantitative and qualitative estimation of hydrocarbon resources by studying the expression of genes involved in the decomposition of light gaseous hydrocarbons in Sardasht and Gisakan"

Description: The present research project was conducted as the first study of surface geochemistry dealing with hydrocarbon resources in Iran. In this study, the most advanced and up-to-date surface geochemical and biotechnological methods are used in the exploration of hydrocarbon resources.


Project title: "Construction and implementation of physical and hydraulic model of shipping lock and sediment drainage system"

Description: The purpose of this project was to investigate and predict hydraulic flow in the presence of structures (Mared Dam on the Karun River) under different conditions, and physical modeling of structural locking.


Project title: "Analyzing the power quality of distribution networks and providing solutions for reform and standardization"

Description: To measure the status of parameters and power quality indices and analyze the data obtained to identify the source of harmonic production in the network.


Project title: "Evaluation of Condensation and Distillation Irrigation Methods in Sand, Bagasse and Perlite Substrates in Small Greenhouses in Ahvaz"

Description: Using solar collectors to irrigate plants, the research is aimed at producing freshwater from unconventional water sources using sunlight to produce greenhouse products.


Project title: "Preparation of a software program for estimating agricultural area using remote sensing (Case study: Behbahan irrigation and drainage network)"

Description: The purpose of this research is to implement and provide an intelligent software program that analyzes with high precision the areas according to the cultivation. By determining the true cultivar level of the products, accurate and targeted planning can determine the tonnage of the harvest and the time of supply, thereby preventing price fluctuations of the products.


Project title: "Preparation and compilation of technical knowledge, design and manufacturing technology for portable eruption control simulator system"

Description: The purpose of this project is to build an eruption control simulator to train employees, apprentices and students of the drilling industry.