Manager of the Incubator Center

Dr. Mahdi Kord Zangeneh

Academic rank: Assistant Professor

Faculty of Science

Physics Department



Address: Incubator Center - Ostad Bayat Far St. - Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz –Ahvaz - Iran

Phone number: 06133226751

Fax number: 06133226756





History of the Incubator center of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

The Incubator center of the University was established in December 2003 by Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz in order to support the new ideas of students, professors, innovators, artisans, and researchers, as well as to create the necessary conditions for economic activities that create jobs based on new technologies. In November 2004, it officially started its activity and on 6/2/2008, it succeeded in obtaining a definitive license from the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology.

This organization is under the management of professionals, which provides supporting services and promotes the creation and development of new professions formed by masterminds as start-up units in various fields leading to technology and with economic goals based on knowledge and technology. The goals of the Incubator center include:

  • Commercializing research achievements
  • Creating an entrepreneurial environment and supporting the innovation and creativity of researchers
  • Creating the necessary space for the expansion and growth of small and medium-sized knowledge-based units
  • Creating suitable job opportunities to attract entrepreneurs and university graduates
  • Realizing the connection of research, production, and service departments with established units and companies
  • Producing and developing marketable knowledge-based products and processes.

The definition of a central idea is that a plan or an idea that relies on technology and regarding business and marketing aspects leads to the creation of a product or providing services with a high added value.


Method of Application, Admission, and Confirmation in the Incubator Center

Individuals with an idea, after receiving the idea-oriented form from the website and completing it along with all the documents related to the plan, refer to the Incubator center. After the initial review, the project is subject to technical and economic evaluation. If the results of the judgment are positive and in case of approval of the technology council of the Incubator center, the project owners will be confirmed to stay in the center.


Admission Criteria

  • Having an idea based on technology and market needs
  • Having a work team suitable for the activity area
  • Presenting business plan by companies applying for the development period


The stages of establishment in the Incubator center

1- Preliminary development stage:

The duration of this phase is 6 months, and the units established during this period must do the following:

  • Company registration, if necessary, idea innovation registration
  • Forming a work team related to the activity area of the technology unit
  • Determining the project's technical consultant
  • Preparing a business plan to enter the development period
  • Constructing prototype

2. Development stage:

The duration of this stage is 3 years. During this period, the technology units in the Incubator center implement their technological ideas by using the facilities, services, and support of the Incubator center and acquire the necessary abilities to be active in the market and commercialize the results. By providing the necessary conditions for the independence of technology units, this course is a suitable way to transform technology units into active and successful economic groups.