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Counseling and Mental Health Center:


The student counseling center of Shahid Chamran University includes 8 sections: admission, counseling, treatment (psychotherapy, psychiatry), social working, psychometric, education, publication, and research. In order to provide counseling and psychotherapy services, the center benefits from the participation of a number of faculty members from the Psychology and Counseling departments, experts  in this field, and a psychiatrist for medical treatment of clients requiring medical therapy. There is also a specialized library with over 650 books to be used by the clients. In addition, psychological tests are available at the counseling center as a diagnostic tool for other services of the center.

In addition to individual counseling and psychotherapy, group counseling is also one of the activities that focuses on a variety of topics such as: improving social relationships, overcoming conference anxiety, the right way to study and get concentrated, premarital counseling, substance abuse, educational planning, effective communication, the effect of psychedelics substances on studying, etc.

The center offers its services in 4 programs:

A. Association of Mental Health Assistants:

This association is a student center working under the supervision of the student counseling center. Students from different faculties of the university can become members of this association after participating and being elected in the election of Central Council of Mental Health Assistants. They can help at both university and student dormitories.

B. Educational and Preventative Planning

This program includes:

- Holding workshops and training courses for experts and officials from the counselling centers of the country's District 10.

- Holding lecture sessions on various and applied topics along with questions and answers in two special sections for male and female students at faculties, dormitories and Shushtar Branch.

- Holding special workshops for students and staff with topics relevant to these groups.

- Organizing workshops, classes and seminars on substance abuse prevention, etc.

- Holding photography, cartoon, film and poster exhibitions, as well as holding various competitions for various occasions

C - Research Programs:

Implementation of the plans required by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, which are sent by the headquarters of the Counseling Center. These plans include the Mental Health Monitoring Plan for freshmen in each academic year, the clinical aspects of student life, and other plans.

D - Notification programs:

Preparing and installing notifications and mental health messages, and distributing brochures and installing educational banners.

Health Center

With the help of a medical team (general practitioners, dentists, registered nurses, and midwives), the University's Center for Health and Medical Care is ready to provide health and medical services to the entire academic community.

The medical services provided by the center include a wide range of health and medical activities. All students, including international ones, can use the following services at the center:

1. Physician visit

2. Injections, dressing, suturing

3. EKG

4. Ear Suction

5. Ear Piercing

6. Blood glucose test

7. Skin services (removing moles and skin tags, Botox injections to prevent sweating, etc.)

8. Dental services under sterilized conditions

9. Free Dietary Consultation by a nutrition expert one day a week

10. Midwifery counseling by an expert midwife

11. Monitoring the health of new students and identifying and tracking their illnesses

The Center also undertakes the following actions in the field of educational and preventive programs:

1. Health checkup of student dormitories, kitchens, mess halls, buffets and food stalls

2. Holding workshops on individual health, and communicable and noncommunicable diseases

3. Distribution of posters, brochures and pamphlets on self-care and health care