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Today, communication between the key sectors of the country in terms of scientific and research activities has attracted the attention of experts and policy makers. University and industry, as the two important pillars of the country's development, should be closely linked together to meet the existing needs, because the emergence of today's science and technology is the natural product of the interaction between university and industry. In our country, this necessity has long been felt, and there have been many attempts made in this regard, the most notable of which is the establishment of industry relation offices at universities.

Along with this line of development, the Office of Business & Industry at Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz has been established since 1983 and started its activities according to the regulations of Business & Industry office of the Ministry of Science. There are a number of factors that have added to the number and diversity of the activities of this office, namely the gradual expansion of the comprehensive activities of university in the field of education, the increased number of students, research activities through collaboration with organizations and executive agencies, and facilities provided by the laws and regulations by requiring executive agencies to share part of their research credit with universities. Based on the requirements for expanding various aspects of research activities and the need for policy change in this respect, this office began its activities in 2003 under the name of the Office of Business & Industry, working independently under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor for research Affairs. The main activities of the Office of Business & Industry are:

Offering research services to industries and executive agencies

Offering advisory services to industries and executive agencies

Offering laboratory and workshop services to industries and executive agencies

Offering training and internship services to university students

Offering services for students and professors who visit industries and executive agencies