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Admission Process for International Students

Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz has been the most important University of South West Iran for about seventy years. International students have been admitted since a decade now for different courses. Admission of foreign students is a huge step in the development of the country's academic diplomacy which follows different goals such as improving university ranking, promotion of international cooperation, introducing the university's scientific, educational and research potentialities and increasing the variety of its different revenue sources.

The International Scientific Cooperation Office of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, through its Non-Iranian Students Admission staff, is responsible for the procedures of admission and registration. These procedures include admission in the courses in demand, forming and archiving related files and directing international students to the Center for Teaching Persian Language to Non-Persian Speakers (Azfa). Here the students learn Farsi and get prepared for their main courses.

Moreover, the International Scientific Cooperation Office of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz is cooperating with some agencies, holding official certificate from the Organization of Student Affairs, for helping foreign students to get admission while providing them with information about the university (fields of study, language of instruction, fees, dormitories and courses in Farsi and English).


Stages of Admission of International Students

1. Counseling Stage for Admission

First stage in the process of admission of international students is giving them advice to continue their study in universities of Iran, by the staff or agencies.

Those foreign students interested in continuing their studies at Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz may seek further help from the Non-Iranian Students Admission Section through face to face sessions, related contact numbers or email. They may inquire about active fields of study, fees, educational, welfare and housing facilities of the university and the city of Ahvaz in general. Moreover, they may have questions about distances between the university and the routes back to their countries and also conditions and cost of living in Ahvaz.

2. Registration

When applicants have decided to study at Shahid Chamran University of ahvaz, they should first fill in the form for admission and then register in the registration website  (hence saorg) of International Students Office, Student Affairs Organization, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (

As a second step, applicants should hand in their identity and educational documents to the Non-Iranian Students Admission Section at the university for filing papers. Needless to say, educational certificates should be in Farsi or English official translation, attested by the ministry of foreign affairs of the applicant's country and then Islamic Republic of Iran's Embassy or one of its consulates (representatives) in the home country.

As the third step and based on the submitted application and educational certificates, clerks of the Non-Iranian Students Admission Section issue the relevant letter to the related department to get the primary admission letter. If this admission letter is issued by the department, staff of the Non-Iranian Students Admission Section of the university confirm (in saorg) that the applicant can continue his or her study.

As the fourth step, after the Student Affairs Organization has consented to the applicant's study, clerks of the Non-Iranian Students Admission Section of the university initiate correspondence with this Organization for issuing and receiving the applicant's student visa. Once the student visa issued it would be electronically sent to the applicant. For receiving the student visa in paper form the applicant should go to one of the Iranian consulates at his or her country.

As the fifth step, after receiving their student visa, students are responsible to hand in a copy of it to the Non-Iranian Students Admission Section of the university. This section then only would take measures to apply to the Organization for the student's residence permit. Student residence certificate issued by the Students Affairs Organization would be sent to the Passport Office of Khuzestan Province. Then the representative of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz would submit the original passport and other documents of the applicant to the Passport Office to receive the (one year) Student Residence Certificate.

3. Final Admission

The applicant would be officially a student of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz when he or she is allocated a Student Number and issued a Student ID Card. Then a Final Admission Certificate is issued and delivered to the student by the Non-Iranian Students Admission Section, signed and sealed by the office of Vice-Chancellor for Education and Post-Graduate Studies.

4. Official Translation of Final Admission Letter

Upon request and after the applicant has become officially a university student with student number and student card he or she may ask the agencies for English, Arabic, etc. translation of the Final Admission Letter. Needless to say, this is necessary only if needed by the student for some purpose.

5. General Conditions for Admission:

To be Non-Iranian

To have a passport valid for more than one year

Not to have legal prohibition for study

Submission of bachelor's (and Master's) degree certificate and related transcript

Primary admission from relevant academic department

Submission of official translation of bachelor's (and Master's) degree certificate and related transcript in English or Farsi (attested by the applicant's ministry of foreign affairs and then Iranian embassy or representatives in the applicant's country)

6. Important Points for Non-Iranian Applicants

It is mandatory to pass a six-month Farsi language course before starting the major course at the related department. Those students who have admission to study in English, Arabic or French (like Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature or French Language and Literature) also should participate in the Farsi language course at the university.