The necessity of establishing a research center:

The vital role of water and energy in the economy and in the independence of a country requires a detailed planning to use existing resources both optimally and sustainably. There are 28500 million cubic meters of water resources in the reservoirs of dams, plus extensive irrigation and drainage networks, and more than three thousand watercourses on the Gulf coast, the Persian Gulf, the Oman Sea and the Caspian Sea. Also, there are abundant natural resources, including oil and fishery. Therefore, the need for more and better exploitation of these rich resources, as well as the existence of more than 100 small and large commercial and fishing ports on these coasts, urges the need to address various issues in the field of water.

Undoubtedly, on one hand, the close relationship between energy and industrial development and the increase in consumption and prices of energy in recent years have highlighted the importance of conducting research in this area. On the other hand, politicians, authorities, and managers have paid great deal of attention to this vital issue. Due to this, today conducting studies on water and energy has become an inevitable task.

Khuzestan province has high potentials for producing energy and significant water resources, and there are numerous dams, hydroelectric plants, about three million hectares of cultivated land, 3.1 million irrigated lands. Moreover, many water independent industries such as refinery, petrochemicals, steel etc. are actively working in this area which makes it a very strategic zone in terms of water management. Also, the observation of shortcomings and high water needs in recent years has shown the need for more efficient use of available water resources. Thus, Jundishapur Water and Energy Research Center, which utilizes the capabilities and potentials of qualified staff and specialist, has been conducting continuous research in order to increase productivity, and improve the policy of exploiting available resources.


Regarding the occurrence of drought as well as water and energy crisis in this province, in a meeting on3 Oct, 2008 The Khuzestan Province Drought Headquarters was approved by the Water and Energy Institute. In addition, on 5 Nov, 2008 an agreement was made by executive agencies to establish Jundishapoor Water and Energy Research Center. Eventually, on 18 Mar, 2009 the authorization of the establishment of this institute by the Council for the Extension of Higher Education of the Ministry of Science and Technology was announced to Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz.


  • Promoting the level of knowledge, research and applied technology in the field of water and energy in the country
  • Having a constructive relationship with other universities and research centers abroad
  • Providing engineering and research services required by executive agencies
  • Assisting economic prosperity in Khuzestan province and promoting Khuzestan province development level
  • Providing laboratory services required by academic units and related companies and industries
  • Attempting to gain access to modern knowledge and technologies in the field of renewable energy
  • Discovering Young and Dynamic Talents
  • Providing guidance and assistance in crisis management in the field of water and energy at the provincial and national levels
  • Making research and research projects purposeful
  • Localizing modern water and energy technologies
  • Conducting national and international conferences and holding short courses
  • Publishing scientific journals and specialized books required by universities





Drought and Water Resources Studies


New energy and renewable energy studies


Environment, Wastewater Recovery, and Water and Wastewater Treatment


Water Purifying Technologies