Before the establishment of Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies, there was an Islamic Studies Center established in 1977 in Judishapur University of Ahvaz (later Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz. The Islamic Studies Center was closed four months before the Islamic Revolution of Iran (1979) and the new Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies began its educational activities. The new faculty invited professors from various parts of the country, including Isfahan, Ahvaz, Abadan, and Arak. In October 1979, four months before the Islamic evolution, the faculty admitted its first group of students.

After the revolution, the Arabic Language and Literature Department was moved to the faculty. At that time, the faculty was home to three departments, Arabic Languageand Literature, Theology Teachers Training, and Theological Studies. It stopped its activitiestemporarily during the Cultural Revolution in 1980.

After reopening in 1983, the faculty resumed its educational and research activities, sending out its first group of graduates, many of whom now PhD graduateswho are active as professors in this faculty. Some others are also professors at other universities or holding educational, research, and executive posts. Now Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Department of Koranic Sciences& Hadith, and Department of Fiqh & Philosophy of the faculty are hosting more than 974 students in different level of BA, MA, and PhD. The faculty has also admitted its first groups of intentional students in different fields of study particularly Fiqh and Islamic Jurisprudence and Arabic Language and Literature.