The activities pertaining to the field of physical education began with the establishment of the university in 1955, and since then, they have been considered as essential parts of the students' educational activities. In 1974, the related activities of physical education were established in the Education Faculty. In 1975, the physical education department was renamed to the Center of Physical Education and Sports Sciences. In 1977, the first undergraduate applicants in physical education (90 students) were admitted through a theoretical and practical entrance examination, and, since then, a number of students have been formally accepted and graduated from the university each year. The license was granted for the establishment of the faculty of physical education and sports sciences in 1977. In addition to the undergraduate program in 1977, the faculty established the master of science program. Moreover, three educational departments were then established in 1979 (e.g., sports physiology, sports psychology, and sports management). In 2013, a PhD program was established for two groups of sports management and sports physiology.


Dean of the Faculty of Sports Sciences:

Dr. Sedighe Heydarinejad (Professor)

Dr. Saeid Shakerian (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Abdolhamid Habibi (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Mehdi Zarghami (Assistant professor)

Dr. Eidi Alijani (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Saeid Shakarian (Instructor)

Mr. Hekmatpoor (Instructor)

Dr. Hossein Sepasi (Assistant Professor)


- Sports Management Department: This department with two master's orientations (master of strategic management and master of leisure management) and a PhD program is currently headed by Dr. Seyed Hossein Marashian. 

- Sports Physiology Department: This department presents two purely-applied master's degrees and a PhD (in muscles and nerves). Currently, Dr. Abdolhamid Habibi is the head of the department.

- Motor Behavior Department: This department offers a program in learning and motor control at the graduate level. Currently, the department is headed by Dr. Seyedeh Nahid Shetab Boushehri.


Facilities of the Faculty of Sports Sciences

The facilities of the faculty of sports sciences consist of three indoor sports halls, a pool, five football fields, three tennis courts and a laboratory for teaching practical lessons. In addition, the faculty constitutes a lecture hall, an audiovisual room, and five classrooms, each equipped with a video projector, that are used for instructional purposes.