Founded in 1955 the Faculty of Agriculture at Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz is the first and oldest faculty of the university. Equipped with the latest laboratory, farming, and greenhouse facilities, our faculty is one of the most successful faculties in the country. Considering its history, its facilities and academics' ability, our faculty has the potential to work on and solve problems in the biological control of agricultural pests, soil conservation, increasing the quality of horticultural crops and crop production, and the improvement of agricultural mechanization.

At the present, we are cooperating with different governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutes, including Municipal Office of Green Space, the Sugarcane Industry, Agricultural Research Center, the Institute of Standards and industrial companies such as steel and oil companies in various areas of agriculture and environment.

A number of top academics of different universities in Iran and some of the high ranking officials of the Ministry of Agriculture have graduated from our faculty.

We are proud to announce that our faculty members have written more than 50 books and translated dozens of others; meanwhile, two of our faculty members were selected as the Exemplar Professors of the year in Iran.

Right now, there are more than 52 faculty members engaged in teaching and supervising students and doing research. The faculty is also home to more than 4500 students who are studying in BSc., MSc., and PhD programs.