Drilling Research Center (DRC) has been started its activity at Shahid Chamran university of Ahvaz since 2004. DRC attempts to overcome challenges of drilling and petroleum industries combining the knowledge of faculty members and the experience of industrial professionals. This center is divided in three main parts.

First part is associated with educational plans. Workshop presentation about dominant systems of drilling rig such as rotational, lifting, electrical and waste management systems are some of activitis in the first part of center. Support of graduate students using operational and technical information is another portion of DRC's educational plans.

Second part of DRC consists of research and development (R&D) works. A team of expert researches forms four main sections at R&D part: 1) energy and fluids, 2) driling technology, 3) drilling economy and management, and 4) chemistry. These sections contain mechanical, electrical, metallurgical, civil, computer and chemistry engineers as well as economic and petroleum geology researches. Identification and introduction of       problems in related to drilling industry is the essential role of R&D part. Power factor modification of drilling rig, review of pitting reasons in stator and rotor of downhole motors, analysis and simulation of drilling rig using pyramid plan, identification of oil-based muds, pathology of accident occurrence reasons at drilling rigs of national iranian drilling company are among of accomplished researches at R&D part. Moreover, development of applicable grid generator and flow simulator for fractured hydrocarbon reservoirs, and also preparation of technical knowledge for downhole, underbalancing, offshore and waste management equipements are some of DRC's research activities.

Third and final part of DRC involves in construction of drilling and petroleum equipements. Repair of swivels and hooks is the current job at DRC. In addition, approved engineering drawings for construction of tools used in downhole completion string and waste managemenet equipments are prepared by DRC. This center is also able to design and manufacturing of measurement hardware and software for drillstring dynamic quantities on the surface.