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Jasem Khaledi

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ShahidChamran University of Ahvaz as the top leading research and educational academic center with more than 60 years of history in the west and southwest of Iran offers a convenient atmosphere and favorable conditions to the non-Iranian applicants especially those of the neighboring country like Iraq eager to complete their high education study(undergraduate and post graduate level) in this university and that is according to the non-Iranian admission bylaws and regulations of the Students Affairs Organization approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Terms of Admission

In order to apply and get admission in ShahidChamran University of Ahvaz every non-Iranian applicant is required to possess the following general and specific terms of conditions issued by the Student Affairs Organization which is approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of I. R. of Iran.

A) General conditions

1. Applicants are required to hold a valid passport which is issued by the respective country formally and justify their non-Iranian citizenship.

2. Applicants are required to acquire the confirmation of the Student Affaires Organization general terms and conditions and the specific regulations of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology confirming the applicant non-general prohibition, their legal education permission and residence permission in the I. R. of Iran and that is via visiting:

A. visit the following website and go through the related link: International Student Affairs.

B. completethe related application forms and get the ID code.

3. Applicants are required to hold a valid document of sound physical health issued by the Health Ministry of the respective country and approved by the legal health centers of I.R of Iran.

4. Applicants are required to sign the university commitment form concerning the laws and regulation of the university within the applicant study in the university and residence in the country which is in accordance with the Students Affairs Organization Bylaw of non-Iranian student admission.

B) Specific Conditions

1. Applicants are required to hold a diploma (or equivalent), Bachelor or Master valid certificate to get admission in BA/BS, MA/MS and PhDprograms respectively. The certificate should be accredited by the official authorities (foreign affairs authorities) of the respective country and translated into English Language (if issued in languages other than English) and approved by the agents of the Embassy or Consulate General of Islamic Republic of Iran in the respective country.

2. Applicants are required to possess grade point average (GPA)no less than 12 out of 20(or equivalent) in their diploma (12 years of school study) and no less than 14 out of 20(or equivalent) in their academic completion certificate (Bachelor and Master).

3. In order to get admission in the university every applicant should go through the 6 months period of Persian Language Course and after the final examination (SAMFA) receive the certificate.

Note: after graduation all the non-Iranian student are required to submit the Persian Language Certificate to the Students Affairs Organization (according to the Ministry bylaws) so those applicants that already have the mastery and capability of speaking the Persian language are exempted from the program (6 months course) but are required to participate in the final examination (SAMFA) so as to receive the certificate.

4. Applying for PhD programs, applicants should submit their complete documents (bachelor and master certificates, thesis abstract, any researches done or articles and books published etc.) and their CV to the respective department.

Note: after submitting the required documents PhD program applicants go through an academic interview in the respective department.

Opportunities and Services

Demographically, Ahvaz is home to a multicultural community of different ethnic minorities of Arab and Persian origin which provide a comfortable life conditions for non-Iranian applicants especially those of the neighboring Arab countries like Iraq, consequently this shared cultural features provides favorable in the city so that non-Iranian student can complete their study easily and successfully. More importantly, the nearness of the city to the border and to the south regions of Iraq gives the opportunity to the Iraqi applicants to travel to the county with much less costs and time. Besides, the university has full academic and recreational facilities such as libraries, equipped laboratories and workshops, amphitheaters and dormitories, dining halls, restaurant, sports complex, gym, swimming pool, bookshop, printing house, counseling center, medical clinic, guesthouses and more which give service to faculty members, students and guests.

Required Documents for Admission

A. Submitting the valid graduation certificates and transcripts and scanned certified copies of them in English language (then translated into Persian language) and approved by the Embassy or one of the Consulate General of Islamic Republic of Iran in the respective country.

B. Submitting valid passport and copies of it or identification ID card (Iraq, Syria)

C. Personnel-size photo of the applicant (new, colorful and with white background)