Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Department of Clinical Science
     Veterinary Hospital    
The Veterinary Hospital is the main site of Clinical Sciences Department that provides instruction to veterinary students, residents and graduate students and improves the health of farm and companion animals, birds, fish and shrimp by educating veterinarians, providing medical and surgical services and generating new knowledge through clinical research. We also improve the health of animals by educating veterinarians and specialists, providing medical and surgical services, and generating new knowledge through clinical research. Also veterinary clinical sciences department members provide clinical services in the veterinary medical hospital and offer consultations and continuing education programs for practicing for practicing veterinarians in the community.
Sub Departments or Sections of Veterinary Hospital

Aquatic Animals Health and Diseases Section

Avian Health and Diseases Section

Small Animal Medicine Section

Radiology and Sonography Section

Veterinary Internal Medicine Section

Veterinary Surgery Section

Clinical Pathology Section

Veterinary Theriogenology and Obstetrics Section


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