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Office of the Dean of the Faculty:
Tel. +98 61 3333 0136
Fax: +98 61 3333 1059
The Dean’s Adviser for International Affairs:

Dr. Kazem Rangzan

Phone: +98 916 313 0709




Growing applications of GIS and remote sensing in various scientific and research fields such as geography, natural resources, climate, environment, geology and hydrology reflects the importance of these sciences in different domains. GIS and remote sensing has much potential in the management and development of Khuzestan province resources. Considering the key role of these sciences, the Department of remote sensing and GIS was established at Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz in the year 2002.

The aim of the remote sensing and GIS Department is to train students and skilled professionals for industry, management and agriculture requirements. This Department emphasizes training and skilling graduate students in M.Sc. level and in two Graduate courses including remote sensing and GIS and geological remote sensing. Each year, there are around 11 post graduate students in the school working on all area of spatial information management in particular spectrometry, web GIS, network analysis, environmental studies, hydrology, water quality assessment and other research area. Of course, 5 post graduate students each year works on specialized field of geology and application of remote sensing in this science. The school prides itself on training students with deep knowledge that are known as experts in their area of study.

Graduate research are engaged in all area of remote sensing and GIS domains including spectrometry, satellite image processing, disaster management, urban planning, soil and water management and Many other domains.

Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

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