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  Drilling Research Centre   


Due to the MOU between Shahid Chamran University and National Iranian Drilling Company, the Drilling Research Centre commenced it's initial activities in 2004. The centre aims at establishing a firm connection between the university and the industry, also merging the knowledge of the faculty members and the experience of the industry's experts so as to localize the equipments and technology of the oil and drilling industry. Subsequent to the plans done previously, there is the intention of following the implementation of oil and drilling industry projects and other industries such as Power Plants and Refineries in this Research Centre. Within this Research Centre, there is a group in the format of research group which includes three PhD faculty members, two PhD students in Mechanical Engineering, eight MSc students, and one expert. These research groups guide and examine the needed projects of National Iranian Drilling Company and Drilling Industry. There is four departments at work in this research centre: Fluids and Energy Research Department, Department of Management and Economics of Drilling and Research Department of Drilling Chemistry. Dr. Aziz Azimi, PhD in Mechanical Engineering (specialized in Energy Transformation and Faculty Member of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering) is the head of this Research Centre.


Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

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