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  Office of International Relations
  Our university was established almost sixty years ago in a campus of 180 acres alongside the ancient and beautiful Karun River. It is located in Khuzestan Province, the heart of Iranian oil, agricultural, and many other industries. The university is the leading research and educational center in the southwest of Iran. At the present there are more than 15000 students studying in undergraduate, graduate, and research programs.

Our main mission in the Office of International Relations is to introduce Shahid Chamran University to international community  specially academics, research institutes, and international students interested in studying in Iran and thus promote the visibility of the university’s academic activities throughout the world.

Our Office is also responsible for answering all inquiries from international candidates who want to apply for admission to Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz. All correspondences for applying to different departments of the university are conducted through our office.  Moreover, the Office provides service for our international students from the moment they are admitted to the time of their graduation. The Office acts as the link between Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz and foreign universities and research institutions for academic relation and cooperation. It is responsible for paper works related to signing MoUs with foreign universities and institutes for the development of collaborative and mutually beneficial programs. Meanwhile, the Office is responsible for facilitating the international activities of faculties, departments, and academics at Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz. It is also responsible for processing all the paper works for graduate students and academics who want to attend intentional conferences or leave for their sabbatical. 

  • Kareem Lowaymi Mutlaq
Phone: +98 916 815 8924

Zohreh Mohamadizadeh

Sahar Zaheri

Taiebe Khabir

Memorandum of Understanding on Educational, Research and Technological Cooperations Between University of Chamran I.R. of Iran and:



Picardie Jules Verne University


Mountan University of Leoben


University of Nantes


Astrakhan State Technical University

The Russian Federation

Istanbul Aydin University


University of Basra


University of Oslo



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