Tuesday, June 19, 2018


About International Center
  Admission Procedure of Non-Iranian Students in Shahid Chamran University of Ahwaz:  


1. Initial Student Consultation and Briefing

2. Filling in the Student Application Form

3. Student Identity and Education Papers Delivery

4. Students’ Papers Delivery to the Desired Faculty for Verification and Approval.

5. Student identity papers delivery to the International students department of ministry of science, research and technology for verification and general qualification.

6.  Achieving license from Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (it could be a month long).

7. Filling in the visa application form by the International students department.

8. Visa application form delivery to the international students department for student visa granting.

9. Getting license number for the student visa from foreign ministry.

10. Introduction of the applicants to Iran’s consulate in the applicant’s country.

11. Delivery of application papers for student’s family visa and sending them to international students department for residence permit

12. Following up the paper's transmission process from the ministry of Science to Tehran Police (NAJA)

13. Delivery of Papers for International Student Department to Tehran Passport and Immigration Police.

14. Coordination with Passport and Immigration Police for issuing the applicant residence permit and delivering it to Ahwaz Passport and Immigration Police

15. Paying the Residence Permit fees by applicants

16. The Applicant's briefing for delivering the papers to the Passport and Immigration Police

17. Introducing the applicants to the Ahwaz Visa Department for getting Residence Permit
18. Coordination with Ahwaz Visa Department on such matters as delay fine paying, etc.


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