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Courses of Faculty (WSE)
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  School of Water Science and Engineering 



Khuzestan is the wealthiest and fastest growing province of Iran. Technical support of water resource projects and provincial water industries urged the government to establish the School of Water Science and Engineering at the Shahid Chamran University in the year 2000. In 2004, the school was recognized as the best in water science and engineering by The Ministry of Higher Education of Iran and was entitled for a special yearly grant for water related research. The aim of the School of Water Science and Engineering is to train students and skilled professionals for the fast-paced and growing water industries. The school emphasizes training and skilling graduate students in M.Sc. and Ph.D. level though it also has a strong undergrad program with more than 250 students training in the general area of water science and engineering. There are four academic departments in charge of supervising researches and graduate students. The departments are Hydraulic Structure, Irrigation and Drainage, Hydrology, and Environment. In collaboration with SCU administration and The Ministry of Higher Education of Iran, the school overviews the undergraduate and graduate programs in order to achieve and maintain the highest possible standard of academic excellence. Furthermore, effort is placed into determining what actions would further enhance the quality in the program considering local and regional water resource problems. Graduate researches are supervised by the faculty members in all area of water resources including hydraulics of open channel and closed conduits, unsteady and transient pipe flow, hydraulic structures, river and natural waterways, sediment transport, irrigation systems, drainage techniques, arid soil and water related issues, surface and underground hydrology, and environmental issues. All the graduate researches and projects are supported by Shahid Chamran University, Ministry of Power and Energy of Iran, Ministry of Agriculture of Iran, local water agencies and consulting engineering corporations. The school welcomes prospective students from Iran and all other countries. This is an opportunity in particular for students from the Middle East to take advantage of the school research and training in water resource problems for arid and semiarid zones.



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