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  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


Opened in 1975, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz is one of the leading faculties of veterinary medicine in Iran it is the only institution of higher education in the southwest of Iran to educate veterinary surgeons. With high-tech equipment and high-quality lab and classroom space for teaching and research our mission in the faculty is to educate confident and compassionate veterinarians committed to enhance the health and welfare of both animals and people and ensuring food safety contribute to the economic well-being of our province, Khuzestan.

Moreover, our faculty houses a modern veterinary medical teaching hospital which is unique in the southwest of Iran providing sophisticated medical treatments for animals of every size and kind, giving services to livestock, poultry, and fish industries of the province. There are 2 wards and 7 Departments in the this hospital which are as follows:

Large Animal Internal Medicine Ward: where diseases of ruminants such as cattle, buffalo, sheep, and goats and perissodactyla such as horses, donkeys and mules are diagnosed and treated.

Small Animal Internal Medicine Ward: which is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, and vaccination of dogs, cats, hamsters, squirrels and...

Department of Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine: in this department reproductive disorders and infertility of various animals such as cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, horses, and camels are diagnosed and treated.

Department of Surgery: caesarean and other surgical operations for treating reposition of the stomach and intestines, urinary and reproductive disorders in large and small animals are performed in this department. Orthopedics

Department od Poultry Health and Disease: In this department, diseases of cage birds and poultry industries are diagnosed and treated.

Department of Fish Health and Disease: this department is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of fish and other sea animals such asturtles, alligator, and shrimp

Department of Radiology and Ultrasound: Ultrasound and X-ray examination son all types of animals referred by other wards are done in this department.

Department of Clinical Pathology: bio chemical and hematology and urinalysis tests are performed on referred animals.

Department of Autopsy: in this department autopsyis performed to determine the cause of death of animals referred to hospitals due to various reasons such as poisoning, seasonal diseases, infectious diseases and complications.

At the present there are 56 full-time faculty members, including 13 professors, 24 associate professors,28 assistant professors and 1 instructor engaged on teaching, supervising students, and doing research, and giving medical services in the hospital of our faculty.

Our faculty offers the following academic programs:


DVSc. in large animal internal medicine, surgery, veterinary, health and poultry diseases, clinical pathology, small animal internal diseases and parasitology

PhD in parasitology, comparative histology, anatomical sciences, aquatic health, pathology, bacteriology and food health

MSc. in physiology, histology Veterinary Parasitology, Veterinary and Food Hygiene


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The Dean’s Adviser for International Affairs:

Dr. Mohamad Hossein Razi Jalali

Tel. +98 916 614 0371

E-mail: mh.jalali@scu.ac.ir

Prof. Mansour Mayahi
Office of the Dean of the Faculty:
Tel. +98 61 3333 0073
Fax: +98 61 3336 0807
E-mail: Mansoormayahi@scu.ac.ir

Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

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