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  Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences   



Industrialization and modernization has increased the social function of sport and has turned it into an essential need for the society. As a result, sport has attained a significant status in the national programs for social and cultural developments. In response to this vital need, certain faculties have been established by the higher education authorities with the mission to train experts and produce specialist knowledge in the field. The major subject of study and research in these faculties is Physical Education and Sports which is one of the main branches of educational sciences. It is in many respects connected with Basic Science, Social Science, Health Science, Economics and even Political Science and thus acquiring a special place in the higher educational system and the public culture of the society.

In Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, physical education program began at the time of the establishment of the university itself in 1955. In 1974, however, the sport and exercise activities of the university were conducted by the newly established Department of Physical Education in the Faculty of Educational Science. The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports was established in 1978 admitting ninety undergraduate and three master students. In 1980, the faculty was granted the permission to establish the three departments of Sport Physiology, Sport Psychology, and Sport Management and Planning.

Currently, the faculty is perusing its educational and research activities by hosting 201 undergraduate students in three programs, 107 master students in five programs, and 16 PhD students in two programs. Moreover, the faculty offers General Sport courses 1 and 2 to all university students. It conducts recreational sport activities for the students, the academics and their families too. It also holds sport competitions, and forms and prepares student sport teams for participating in national and international competitions.

The faculty values strong connection to the local community by contributing to the advancement of sports in the province helping citizens understand the importance of physical education as a fundamental factor for the improvement of their life quality. Accordingly, it has been active in terms of promoting and supporting championships through holding scientific conferences to help authorities in the province learn about the latest achievements in sports science research.


Office of the Dean of the Faculty:

Tel. & Fax: +98 613 3336 316


Department of Sport Management & Planning

Department of Sport Physiology

Department of Sport Psychology







The Dean’s Adviser for International Affairs:

Dr. Mohamad Reza Dehghan

Phone: +98 9173065670


Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

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