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Office of the Dean of the Faculty:
Tel. +98 61 3333 1216
Fax: +98 61 3333 7411

The Dean’s Adviser for International Affairs:

Dr. Seyyed Morteza Afghah

Phone: +98 912 617 4547

E-mail: M.afghah@scu.ac.ir


  Faculty of Economic & Social Sciences



Khuzestan Province, located in the southwest of Iran, is one of the most important provinces of the country. Situated at astrategic region, the province has long been a capital of trade and commerce. Moreover, due to the presence of huge oil and gas resources in the region the province is the central energy hub of Iran. All these factors along with great industrial and agricultural infra structures have turned the province into the country's economic and commercial hub.  Moreover, cultural and historical features of the region have provided valuable background for scientific and academic research and studies. And indeed the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences was established to devise and promote a strategic approach for the development of these capacities.

The faculty began its educational activities by admitting 40 students in the field of Economics in 1974. Since then, sixdepartmentshave been established to provide a rich academic atmosphere for teachers, researchers, and students to thrive.Thesix departments include Department of Economics, Department ofManagement, Department of Accounting, Department of Social Sciences, Department of Law and Political Science offering 17courses.Of Thesecourses 9 are offered to postgraduate students, which make up53 percent ofall the courses.

In terms of the number of students the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences comes in second among 13 faculties of Shahid Chamran University with1, 695 students (15%) and ranks first among humanities faculties.  Right now more than 1300 students (78%) are enrolled in undergraduate and 378 (22%) in master and PhD programs. The faculty has 53 full-time faculty members including 2 professors, 10 associate professors, 26 assistant professors and 15 Instructors.


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