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  University Facilities at a Glance   
  Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz has a variety of academic facilities and accommodations for students, academics and administrative staff, and its guests. After years of  gradual growth and development, the university has now a total of 32,933 sq. m. teaching space, 13,725 sq. m. for cultural buildings, 42,182 sq. m. for a sports complex, 59,825 sq. m. for dormitories, and 47,465 sq. m. for accommodating and recreation services . As for the academic and scientific facilities, there is the Central Laboratory, the Central Library, the Veterinary Hospital, and Research Center for Genetics which present their services to students, academics and administrative staff, as well as guests and visitors. There are about 77 cultural centers, 336 student scientific societies, and 64 student newsletters at the university. Moreover, each faculty has its own special library and large reading room. As for students and guests accommodations, there are 11 blocks dormitories for female students and 5 blocks dormitories inside the campus and4 blocks off-campus dormitories for male students. There is also a Narenjstan Guest House in the university campus for academic and staff guests of other universities only and Bagh-Moein large and fully equipped Guest House in downtown which gives services to the public too. Our university offers a variety of services to the citizens in Ahvaz such as counseling, health care, educational, financial, and nutritional consultation services. There is a Sahel Restaurant in the university which is at the service of students, faculty members, staff, and guests. There are 3 mosques, 14 amphitheaters, libraries, and bookstores which demonstrate the vast breadth of our cultural and educational activities conducted at the university; these activities include tens of exhibitions and fairs, competitions, conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, and symposia in various scientific and cultural fields. Sport activities are at the top of our goals in the university. Now the university has 20 teams in football, basketball, volleyball, futsal, table tennis, badminton, wrestling, wrestling culture, handball, and taekwondo. The university also offers football refereeing courses, volleyball, water Health and freestyle wrestling coaching training courses. There are also a modern and equipped swimming pool, tennis courts, football pitch and numerous sports facilities for men and women.


Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

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