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Dr Mohammad Ali Firuzi


Assistant professor of Geography and urban planning

Born in 1953 in Hamadan city, he received his diploma in literature in 1973 in Hamadan city. In the same year (1973) he managed to enter the University of Tehran, and at the end of 1977 he received a bachelor’s degree in natural Geography. At the same year (1977) he was accepted for the master’s degree of Geography from the Tehran University by the 1980 he finally managed to graduate. The title of his essay in the master’s degree was: “The state of the creation of Hamadan’s Moradbeik valley and humanistic pitch centers” with the supervising of Professor Farajollah Mahmudi and Dr Jamshid Eivazi Jedari/ Dr Seyed Rahim Moshiri as assistant professors. In the year 2001 he was finally granted a PhD degree in humanistic geography from Tehran University. The title of his essay in PhD was “The role of agriculture in rural development- a case study of Dashte Azadegan of Khuzestan province” with the supervision of Dr Parviz Kardovani and the assistance of Dr Rahim Moshiri and Mojtaba Ghadiri.

Today he is an assistance professor with 27 rankings in the University of Shahid Chamran.

He has more than 19 scientific papers that have been published in domestic and foreign scientific journals and more than 10 posters and papers that have been accepted and use of in domestic and foreign conferences. He also has been the supervisor professor of 8 masters degree essays and has been the supervisor professor of more than 100 bachelor degree essays.


Further scientific and executive activities:


In 1980 after graduating in his master’s degree, in 1980 Dr Firuzi entered Hamadan’s education department and until 1987 he had positions as below:


1-     Dean of lecturer education centre of Shohadaye Mehrab of Malayer

2-     Executive expert of education of Hamadan

3-     Head of Shahid Maghsoudi centre of Hamadan


In 1987 he managed to enter the University of Chamran’s scientific group. In this position he had position’s as below:


1-     Head executive of educational services of Shahid Chamran University (for 3 years)

2-     Vice presidency of education of faculty of literature and humanistic science (for 3 years)

3-     Dean of the faculty of literature and humanistic science (for 2 periods, 8 years)

4-     Head of the geographic and urban planning sciences group (for 4 years)

5-     Cultural assistant of the presidency of Shahid Chamran University (from 2008 until now).





His current positions:


1-     Vice president of educational and further education affairs of Shahid Chamran University.

2-     The plenipotentiary delegate of Shahid Chamran University in arranging the national university entrance exams.

3-     Membership in the recruitment committee of Shahid Chamran university

4-      The plenipotentiary delegate of  the presidency of Shahid Chamran university in the Mehr knowledge management planning committee in Khuzestan province

5-     Membership in the professor selection and provision

6-     Membership in the student disciplinary committee of Shahid Chamran University.

7-     Management and editor of literature and humane science faculty journal

8-     The plenipotentiary delegate of the presidency of the university in population and green environment committee of Khuzestan province

9-     Delegate of the university in the environment workgroup

10- Delegate of the university in the urban planning workgroup

11- Delegate of the university in the tourism workgroup

12- Cooperation with cultural and social programs with the television network of Khuzestan province

13- Scientific cooperation’s with different sectors of the governing administration and with other organizations

14-  Scientific secretary of the national urban old texture congress

15- Membership in the supreme committee of urban planning of the governing administration.

Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

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