Tuesday, June 19, 2018
The era we live in، as a result of all those vast and fast chandes، called the era of chang and people.groups . organizations and countries ، not able to cope with such changes ، certainly fall behind and lose the grip of wordwide rivalry hence denominated in the age of scientific complexity and progress the fate and livelihood of the human generation depends on thought and there fore scientists and professionals act as the community's brain cells،playing a major role in the production of thought and science .consequently .preservation and encouragement of such significaut elements of society requires sound planning and invest ment. accomplishment of such a task especially in iran which intends to come across new resolutions is of great significance.
dazzling awomplishments of iranian youths in international scientific olympics provide a good proof of the existance of rich thought resources in our country and it is worth noting that historical and social backgrounds of the country together with the presence of prominent scientific personlities and the country's position in developing such potentials have greatly influenced this trend .there fore.it seems that construction of a proper system of preservation of the talented at higher education levels will contribute to a systemic training of such students so that they are guided within a systematic scientific framework rather than a haphazard and unplanned one.

1-Identification of the talented
2- Guiding the talented through  devising  regulations and implementation of special educational and research programms.
3-providing physical and intellectual support of the talented .
4-absorbtion of the talented in scientific centers throughout the country.

Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

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