Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Financial & Administrative Affairs
Organizationally administrative affairs is a sub-set of administrative -financial vice-presidency and employing a team of experts it seeks to accomplish certain administrative affairs. This university sector has the responsibility to cope with the departmentation affairs of the university employees (the academic and administrative staff)such departmentation affairs include employment issuance of annual precepts  promotions and pensioners.

Bellow is a list of responsibilities .
    1- Execution of administrative and recruitment regulations and directorials.

    2- Providing assessments and necessary suggestions on regulations .

    3- Providing revisory suggestions on administrative recruitments  procedures and plans to the concerning officials .

    4- Interpreting the universities administrative policy and advising it to the subordinate sectors.

    5-Regulating  office work programs

    6- Estimating the required human resources

    7- Commenting on new appointments in administrative & financial positions.

    8- supervising the activities of the subordinate sectors.

Financial & Administrative Affairs

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